Game Page
Offering a healthy mix of season-long team records and statistics and pre-game information such as weather forecasts and injured players, the Matchups tab will also update to reflect the live scores of a game.

There’s also a Win Probability graph mapping game events in real time to reflect each team’s overall chance of winning.
Whenever a live game registers a point, it’ll show here in Drives. Plays and events that happened prior to the point being scored will be shown here, too.
Updating when the game is live, this is a comprehensive list of offensive, defensive and Special Teams statistics for both teams, compared against each other.
A radar chart comparing certain season-long offensive and defensive statistics of the two competing teams - as well as the league average - and showing where their strengths and weaknesses lie.
Curious about the NFL markets? You can find pre-game and live consensus odds here. goScore’s Bookmaker Comparison helps you quickly compare the odds markets for point spreads, totals and moneylines.

Use Compare to to quickly and easily pit the two opposing teams and their most important stats against each other and see where both their strengths (and weaknesses) lie.
Team Page
Team Info
Features information that any self-respecting fan will know, like the team’s current form and streak, stadium location and coaching staff.
Shows the team’s current streak (winning, losing, tying) and the outcomes of their last five games, with the most recent game on the far right.
Key Stats
A selection of season-long key statistics split into Offense, Defense and Special Teams. For each statistic, there’s a nifty graph that offers a game-by-game breakdown based on the timeframe you choose.

Recent performances of a team can be a good indicator of how upcoming games may unfold. Our Insights tool analyzes a team's performances to show you how and when they won or lost their games.

Two separate radar graphs that plot a team’s offensive and defensive statistics against the league averages. Click a specific statistic on either chart to get the team’s league ranking and percentile for it.

Two interactive charts breaking down their passing and rushing attempts and passing and rushing touchdowns and converting them into percentages. The league average is present in each chart, and you can choose to see the figures for the first half, second half or the two combined.

A list of games the team has played or has yet to play, with postseason information available if the team reaches the playoffs.

A list of all team players grouped by position, including useful player information.

See what a certain team’s offensive, defensive and overall G-Rank looks like here. You can also check what the G-Rank thinks about the team’s next game by comparing their G-Ranks with their opponent’s.
Choose two teams from the league to compare certain Offense, Defense and Special Teams details and statistics for the current season. If you’d like more granular data, you can use the filter to specify a time frame or number of games.
As you would expect, split into Division, Conference and League view.
Lists the games of the current week in the season. Go back through previous weeks to see results or go forward through future weeks to see fixtures and, when available, playoff information. Click on any game for more information about it.