What is goScore?
An NFL live score, analytics and odds comparison website and application that allows you to check the latest results while exploring statistics and keeping tabs on the markets. And we’re just getting started.
Who owns goScore?
goScore is wholly owned by goScore Limited and operated by Lotto Logic Limited.
Where do you get your data?
From a number of market-leading, reliable third parties, such as Sport Radar and Stats.com.
How quickly are your scores updated?
On average, a score will be updated 13 seconds after it has been registered in game.
Can I use goScore without an internet connection?
Unfortunately, no. goScore relies on internet connectivity for real-time and post-game updates.
What time zone are kick-off times in?
Eastern Time Zone.
I have found an error in your data. How can I let you know?
Drop us a message at contact@goscore.com.
What are Key Stats?
A list of important Offense, Defense and Special Teams statistics, measured as the season progresses and mapped against other teams to see how a particular team is faring.
What is the consensus line?
The consensus point spread, total and moneyline are the aggregated odds derived from a combination of sportsbooks.
How does the Win Probability graph work?
It’s a graph that plots every play within a game based on how it may affect a team’s likelihood of winning. For more information, read the Info section that appears underneath each Win Probability graph.
What is the g-Rank?
The g-Rank is goScore’s answer to NFL power rankings.

Each week, we use our powerful algorithm to analyze streams of game data and carefully selected statistics. We do this for all three g-Ranks - Overall, Offense, and Defense - and we rank every team for each one too, so you can see where your team excels and maybe even lags behind.

How does the Ratings tab work?
It maps a selection of seasonal Offense and Defense statistics on a radar chart. The charts you’ll find on a team’s page will show you how they’re doing compared with the rest of the league. The charts you’ll find on a game page will show you how the opposing teams stack up against one another, as well as the rest of the league.